Asset Management

Portfolio Management

The taking of in- and divestment decisions and the monitoring of assets will be performed either on a full delegation (i.e., the AIFM delegates portfolio management to a licensed portfolio manager and retains only a supervisory/control/monitoring function) or advisory basis.

Under the latter model, the AIFM receives investment advice and will itself take in- and divestment decisions, based on information provided by the investment advisor(s) and other external sources, but the AIFM will perform, manage, and coordinate the investment / monitoring and divestment process related to the portfolio assets.

Risk Management

Establishment and monitoring compliance with qualitative and quantitative risk limits as set forth in the fund documents and applicable laws and regulations.

Establishment, implementing and maintaining a risk management system.

Ensuring that adequate due diligence is properly performed.

Providing reporting to the governing bodies of the AIFM and the AIF, the CSSF and other relevant parties.


Establishment and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure a sound, transparent, comprehensive and appropriately documented valuation processes, in accordance with the valuation principles set forth in the fund documents.

Assessing and proposing adequate valuation methodologies and supervising the valuation of the fund and the fund shares by the AIF’s fund administrator.


Ensuring that the AIFM and the corresponding AIFs are managed, operated and administered in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Monitoring that internal policies are complied with and that other service providers to the AIF (notably the Registrar and Transfer Agent and, where applicable, distributors) maintain procedures and policies to ensure compliance of their respective activities and duties.


Ensuring that the AIFM and the corresponding AIFs are distributed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Financial Assets

Fund Management/Advisory

Engelwood Asset Management S.A. manages a wide offering of investment fund solutions and bespoke mandates


Real Estate / Private Equity / Debt

Fund Management/Advisory

Engelwood Asset Management S.A. structures both direct and indirect mandates


Investment Research

Engelwood Asset Management S.A. provides in depth investment research and analysis

Engelwood Asset Management S.A. uses its broad asset management expertise to provide optimal solutions for each client.

The open architecture approach allows Engelwood Asset Management S.A. to partner with any specialist in any necessary field.

Each solution must meet the client specific needs (structure, legal form or regulatory and fiscal aspects).